nanodesigns is a Bangladesh-based web design & development group, initiated by two friends, two brothers, in November 2011. It is a SOHO : Small Office Home Office at Uttara, Dhaka. As a Bangladeshi firm, we basically work in Bangladesh, but recently started outsourcing – often do projects outside Bangladesh.

nanodesigns, consisting some well-trained and well-motivated young, creative and multi-talented web designers and web developers, is dedicated to serve people with high quality graphics designs, web designs, web developments, online software, and complete graphical branding. From the very beginning, nanodesigns provides the best for its customers, whether in home or abroad.

Beside the IT business we maintain a Tutorial Blog (tuts nano) in Bengali (Bānglā). All the contents in the tutorial site are for free and published under Public Domain. nanodesigns dreams of a prosperous and happy society with knowledgeable and active IT oriented generation.


nanodesigns wants a full-functioned industry in Bangladesh, where people can contribute a little, but get more.


1 Is to deliver the highest quality products and services affordable by the firm.

2 Is to ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers and to ensure their highest perceived value.

3 Is to serve our team, in a way that they can serve with smile.

4 Is to serve the nation, by being not burden to the country, and by making positive changes to the root level, where changes can make a lot of positive differences to the broader community.


 Do you use source control?

 Can you make a build in one step?

 Do you make daily builds?

 Do you have a bug database?

 Do you fix bugs before writing new code?

 Do you have an up-to-date schedule?

 Do you have a spec?

 Do programmers have quiet working conditions?

 Do you use the best tools money can buy?

 Do you have testers?

 Do new candidates write code during their interview?

 Do you do hallway usability testing?


  • Taking the first two letters of the nickname of the two founders, respectively nakib and noyon made the word nano in nanodesigns
  • The founding date of the firm was November 2011, that means 11/11
  • The month November is the birth-month of both of the founders
  • nanodesigns believes the power of people