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28 Nov 2013 at 12:11:58 PM

New WordPress Bangla theme “nano progga” is released

AlHamduLILLAH, nanodesigns released their second WordPress theme, but the first WordPress theme for Bānglā. The main target was to achieve: Speed and Bengali (Bānglā) language support. And with this motto, we designed and developed a very sleek looking, soothing colored and...
31 Oct 2013 at 11:10:32 AM

A new FREE WordPress theme for Blogging in Bangla is to come

nanodesigns is going to present a new WordPress theme, especially designed keeping in mind two things: Speed and Bengali (Bānglā) language. The theme will be sleek looking, soothing coloured and elegant. At present the code name for the theme is #nanowpb. The theme is under development in nanodesigns’ web development lab. #nanowpb is designed using LESS CSS preprocessor to take ease in...
03 Oct 2013 at 12:10:47 PM

New version of nano blogger is relased

We already announced that, nano blogger is released for public use under GNU General Public License v2.0. And we got a huge response from general users. And due to its uses we got some bug, and some of them are reported by the users. So, after the bug fixes with layout and default widgets, nano blogger was released its new version, 2.1 by...
22 Apr 2013 at 10:04:22 AM

WordPress theme nano blogger is FREE

AlHamduLILLAH, at last we got approval from the volunteer theme reviewers of WordPress.org theme repository. We are very happy announcing that, our first public WordPress theme nano blogger is out there for your download now. After the effort of the volunteer...
nano blogger release banner
08 Feb 2013 at 16:02:43 PM

Free WordPress theme by nanodesigns

A new free WordPress theme, primarily named nano blogger is under way to WordPress.org theme repository. If it got publish, it will completely be FREE and available under GNU General Public License v2.0 inshALLAH. The theme was designed and developed keeping simplicity in mind. The...
nanodesigns website @ 2013
09 Jan 2013 at 14:01:27 PM

nanodesigns with the new website

AlHamduLILLAH, we are proud to announce that, nanodesigns has started its new website in its owned domain for the very first time. You can get updated and authenticated news directly from the company. And it was a great journey from...
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