WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are a way to develop extensible things in a WordPress-powered website. It can work with any WordPress theme and can add additional feature without touching WordPress core code or any theme code. And WordPress plugin development is a technique or ability that is desired:

  • to add additional functionality,
  • to edit existing functionality, or
  • to change the way how things work

Our experiences

 We have developers who are experienced in WordPress plugin development, and can develop secured, industry-standard plugins that can suit your need. We can manage to develop almost any kind of WordPress plugins for your custom purposes.

We have plugins like AdZonia, and we developed another plugin for Sultan Stationery that, if enabled, can enable the Admin to take price quotation order from logged-in users, and the administrator can send them a cumulative price if agreed.

So, wrap up your need and HIRE US  to do a WordPress plugin for you.