Website Development

Website development means making a browsable website for you. We develop both Static and Dynamic websites. They both have their pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide your need and simply ORDER US  what you prefer to go with:

Static Websites

Static websites are simply a front-end oriented web presence. Visitors can see and operate the website easily. But the content of the website cannot be changed without the help of the web developers. So practically the content of a static website is ‘static’ or ‘fixed’.


A static website is made with HTML, CSS, and occasionally with JavaScripts. From the viewer’s point of view there is no different between a dynamic website and a static website, because they see a complete website in both the cases. A static website has only the front-end, what visitors can see. The contents of a static website (texts, images, video, audio etc.) are placed by the developers when the site was first made. After completion the site uploaded to a sever with its front-end and the contents of the website.

Every technology has its good and bad sides, and here is how a static website is defined:


  • Speedy load-time – no database call, no dynamic query, a kind of speedy, nah?
  • Low cost – there is no high profile server, or database issue, so a bit cost saver
  • Comparatively low development time – no database management, no dynamic coding, so…


  • Making any change is a dilemma – need programming knowledge, or need a call to the developers
  • Static, Fixed – contents stay same as they were before
  • One way communication – like a TV advertisement it is simply broadcasting itself, no feedback, nothing from the visitors
  • Low scope – you can’t build an e-commerce website in this way

As we have a good design experience, we can assure a complete, responsive, well organized and end-user oriented Static website, that can broadcast for you, with smile.

Dynamic Websites

The modern world solution is dynamic website, where there should be a front-end like a static website, but there would be a back-end or administration-end, in short ‘admin-end’ as well. In a dynamic website, client can change almost all of their contents on a website. So a dynamic website demands a high security and privacy.


A dynamic website consists a front-end, therefore it consists a complete static website first. Then we make a back-end or admin panel for the client using server-side scripting like PHP, ASP, JSP etc. It needs a database to store dynamic data and to fetch them to show on the front-end. As it handles user input into a storage it needs to handle security issues, and have to hacked-proof as much as possible.


  • Full control – as per the privileges a person has the back-end access, can change almost everything of a website without a developer’s help
  • Up-to-date – you can stay up-to-date with your contents, because you can update them
  • SEO-friendly – search engines like those site, those serve fresh contents, so you will get the privilege


  • Relatively costly – need a database, server, security, privacy policy, dynamic development – making things a bit costly
  • Takes time in development – depends on the client demand, functionality and platform choice dynamic websites take time in development
  • You have the content but you’re not a web expert – you are changing everything, so you have to be an expert of everything, but that what happened lots of time – you change things knowing not the web resolution, UI, UX etc.

Our coding quality is much standard and follows industry best practices that you can rely on our technology. By this, we ensure industry-standard security for your websites, and web applications.

What are we offering

We are offering both the Static and Dynamic websites, as per your need and your budget. Check our portfolio for both static and dynamic websites. Have a look at these and ORDER US  your preferred way to develop your web presence.

Static websites we’ve done:

Dynamic websites we’ve done: