New WordPress Bangla theme “nano progga” is released

nano progga theme rough preview
nano progga theme rough preview

AlHamduLILLAH, nanodesigns released their second WordPress theme, but the first WordPress theme for Bānglā. The main target was to achieve: Speed and Bengali (Bānglā) language support. And with this motto, we designed and developed a very sleek looking, soothing colored and elegant theme for you. The code name for the theme was #nanowpb, and now finally, it’s the nano prōggā.

The theme was designed with hierarchically crafted HTML structure, and used LESS CSS preprocessor for a nicely crafted CSS support. The theme is completely blogging-friendly, and specially developed for blogging in Bengali (Bānglā). It’s completely translation-ready, so that you can translate the theme into your language too. The theme is in fixed layout with the ease to change it to responsive too.

It’s a Bangla blog theme for WordPress, and with embedded font support it’s nice to almost any PCs. The theme is mobile-devices-friendly, and using this, your blog can be browsed even from any mobile devices.

The theme is completely SEO-friendly, and used W3C Compatible microformat markup. With the back end support to update your social links, you can now connect your blog-readers with your social media pages with nano prōggā.

Let’s enjoy our Bangla blog theme and experience the ease in Bānglā blogging.

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