NanoSupport becomes more bug-free with version v0.3.1

NanoSupport Icon - NanoSupport WordPress Support Ticketing Plugin
NanoSupport – WordPress Support Ticketing Plugin

nanodesigns team is upgrading #NanoSupport WordPress plugin for Support Ticketing and Knowledgebase management in a continuous interval.

In version 0.3.0 we made some major changes, and we’ve fixed some bugs in 0.3.1. Here’s the detailed change log:

Version 0.3.1

  • Fixed: Assigning ticket to Support Agent was not triggering any email
  • New filter hook: nanosupport_notify_agent_assignment
  • Fixed: Users can set themselves as a Support Agent
  • Priority assignment by public made dynamic using Settings API
  • Various i18n functions fixed
  • Several other minor fixes all over the plugin code and texts

Version 0.3.0

Major changes

  • Rich Text editor for ticket body text
  • New filter hook: ns_wp_editor_specs, ns_back_to_knowledgebase
  • Pending ticket notification using admin menu bubble
  • Fixed translation strings to strip out dumped HTML and made most of them SQL injection proof
  • Composer, npm dependency and Grunt incorporated for easy development collaboration
  • Default assignment of ‘Support’ department is made deprecated
  • User can choose Support Department on submitting new ticket (Settings available)
  • CSS is changed from LESS to Sass
  • System Status admin page

Minor changes

  • Reorganized third party libraries
  • added
  • Github issue template added
  • A warning on upgrading process fixed – props @prionkor
  • jshint error fixed with procedural code
  • Agent email was not sending – fixed
  • Ticket response content added to email body
  • Back link to Knowledgebase added after Knowledgebase contents