NanoSupport v0.2.0 released with new features

AlHamduLILLAH we’ve successfully released the upgraded version of NanoSupport (v0.2.0) with some community demands as its feature. The notable changes are as below:

Major changes
  • Minimum WordPress version upgraded to 4.4.0
  • Knowledgebase made optional
  • UI added for selecting Knowledgebase Category Icons
  • Added feature for closing a ticket from front end
  • Tooltip added to Submit form for better UX
  • Submit Form is made dynamic for adding feature to the <form> element
Minor changes/fixes
  • Select2 Plugin updated to 4.0.3
  • Knowledgebase CSS revamped
  • Fixed a conflict with Yoast SEO and Select2 plugin in admin areas
  • File organization, some CSS files made LESS for easy compilation
  • JavaScript fallback plan implemented for front end
  • Other fixes/UI improvements