NanoSupport – Smart Support Ticketing within WordPress

AlHamduLILLAH we have unleashed our first WordPress plugin to repository for public use by Friday, June 17, 2016. Since then, we pushed a bug fixed version, and everything is going just fine as of now. We hope we can provide you the best support regarding our plugin NanoSupport – the plugin, we made with love , and we made for caring vendors who love their customers too.

Here’s a brief overview for the plugin. As it is the first release, so the present situation is a kind of rudimentary. We’ll eventually make things better day by day, inshALLAH.

Please feel free to provide the possible best review so that we get encouragement serving with more passion. 🙂

NanoSupport is our first plugin that is hosted in WordPress Plugin repository. It’s made to let you create a fully featured Support Center within your WordPress environment without any third party software, and the plugin is completely FREE.


Create a fully featured Support Center within your WordPress environment without any third party software, for completely FREE of cost.

No 3rd party support ticketing system required, no external site/api dependency, simply create your own fully featured Support Center within your WordPress environment, and take your support into the next level.

What is it?

The plugin is to provide support to your users – the users those are taking product or services from you. So the plugin provides a managable communication privately in between you and your that specific user only. Visit the ‘Installation’ tab for more details on how to use the plugin.


The plugin is completely translation-ready. You can find the .pot file under i18n/languages/ if you want to translate in your own way. But you can translate it easily from here in Translate NanoSupport.


Automatic Installation

1. In WordPress Plugins page, search for NanoSupport
2. Install and activate the plugin
3. Get to the Plugin’s ‘Settings’ page, and set up the plugin as your choice
4. Wait for your first ticket

Manual Installation

1. Visit the plugin page at:
2. Hit the Download button to download the .zip file
3. Unzip the archive and cut/paste the folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
4. From admin ‘Plugins’ page, activate NanoSupport plugin
5. Get to the Plugin’s ‘Settings’ page, and set up the plugin as you like
6. Wait for your first ticket

How to Use

1. Provide the ‘Submit Ticket’ page’s URL to your menu link, and ask for Support tickets from your users (Use ‘Settings’ page for necessary settings)
2. When the user submits ticket you will be notified via email (as per your ‘Settings’)
3. You can find the tickets in the ‘Support Desk’
4. You can organize your tickets per department
5. You can read the ticket in details and can answer from both front-end and admin-end
6. As the tickets are completely private, for public information that you want to share with your users, you can use ‘Knowledgebase’
7. You can organize knowledgebase docs in categories
8. And you have many flexibilities (and many more yet to come…) using the plugins ‘Settings’ page

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NanoSupport is an Open Source and GPL licensed Free plugin. Feel free to contribute.

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  • OnActivation setup
  • Smart templating for nice theme support
  • Smartly designed Support Center
  • Completely Private ticketing
  • Ticket submission with registration
  • Ticket submission with login (Beta Feature)
  • Auto generate user account’s username on ticket submission (if chosen)
  • Auto generate user account’s password on ticket submission (if chosen)
  • Knowledgebase
  • Knowledgebase content categories
  • Ticket departments
  • Default ticket department ‘Support’
  • Make agent from registered users
  • Assign ticket to an agent
  • Change ticket status (Pending, Open, Under Inspection, Solved)
  • Set support priority (Low, Medium, High, Critical)
  • Reply ticket from admin panel
  • Reply ticket from front end
  • ReOpen closed ticket
  • Internal Notes in-between support teams
  • Shortcode-enabled pages (installed on Plugin activation)
  • Settings page (Settings API)
  • Support Seeker user role and privileges
  • Dashboard widget with current status
  • Dashboard widget with recent activity
  • Dashboard widget with personal status for Agents
  • Dashboard widget with necessary instruction and links for Support Seekers
  • Add ticket on behalf of other user (admin end)
  • Customizable Email template
  • Email notification to admins on new ticket submission
  • Email notification to Support Seeker on account creation on ticket submission
  • Email notification to Support Seeker on ticket reply
  • Email notification to Support Agent on ticket reply
  • NanoSupport page-to-page navigation and pagewise notices
  • Complete data deletion on uninstallation (if chosen)
  • 100% Translation-ready
  • Fully responsive and Mobile devices friendly
  • Clean and well commented code