A new FREE WordPress theme for Blogging in Bangla is to come

nanodesigns is going to present a new WordPress theme, especially designed keeping in mind two things: Speed and Bengali (Bānglā) language. The theme will be sleek looking, soothing coloured and elegant. At present the code name for the theme is #nanowpb. The theme is under development in nanodesigns’ web development lab.


#nanowpb is designed using LESS CSS preprocessor to take ease in designing. Theme is designed primarily for responsive design in mind, though there are issues to be fixed till now. At present it has passed the WordPress basic Theme Test Unit tests.

With embedded Bengali fonts with Unicode Range parameter we hope your experience in Bengali blogging will be better enhanced with our new theme.

The theme is scheduled to release publicly in November 2013 [inshALLAH]. And after the release the theme can be downloaded from nanodesigns marketplace.