DesignTech - CSS design by Mayeenul Islam


Completely CSS3 based development.

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Mayor Hajj Kafela

Designed and Developed the complete web portal with the database management. Incorporated advanced functionality like: Advanced Search (without any plugin) Multiple Custom Field entry with jQuery multiple field insertion White Labeling without any plugin

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নিশাচর (Nishachor) blog theme designed by Mayeenul Islam

Designed my own blog’s theme, and designed it for Bengali (Bangla)…

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Al Zaytuna - drupal site development by Mayeenul Islam

Al Zaytuna

Designed my first drupal custom template – designed and developed the whole site in Drupal

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Insanity Magazine portal design and development by Mayeenul Islam

Insanity Magazine

I designed and developed the Insanity Magazine website

Inventory Software UI Design by Mayeenul Islam

Software UI Design

It’s my second Software UI Design – was made for a Flour Mill’s (Chittagong) Inventory Software

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Radio etune (etune24) layout by Mayeenul Islam

Radio etune

Web layout design for Radio etune

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Job-Layout_home designed by Mayeenul Islam

Jobsite Layout Design

Layout Design for a Jobsite – the project was not proceeded due to contractual failure

Radio etune Poster by Mayeenul Islam

Poster Design

Second poster design for Radio etune

Brochure Design for Asian Fair USA 2012 by Mayeenul Islam

Brochure for Asian Fair, USA

Designed their Logo and the Brochure of Asian Fair 2012, USA

Sultan Stationery by Mayeenul Islam

Sultan Stationery

Sultan Stationery was a large project – a ecommerce-flavored website with custom price-quote facility

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The Daily Vorer Pata by Mayeenul Islam

The Daily Vorer Pata

Designed and Developed the Complete Web Portal for the Daily Vorer Pata

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Hassan Book Depot by Mayeenul Islam

Hassan Book Depot

Corporate Website Design, Development and Branding for Hassan Book Depot

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Taher Enterprise

Corporate website – designed & developed by Mayeenul Islam

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WP AdZonia - WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

WP AdZonia

WordPress Advertisement Manager plugin for public use. And the most astonishing part of the plugin is, it woks in WordPress’ way.

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Creative Computer - Designed by Mayeenul Islam

Creative Computers

Creative Computers – Designed by me and helped developing the site in WordPress.

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Vendor Pact Ltd. - Designed & Developed by Mayeenul Islam

Vendor Pact Ltd.

Designed and Developed the website with WordPress. But client made a lot more changes and made it dull

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UI Design for oDesk01 by Mayeenul Islam

UI Design for oDesk

It’s a proposal from me to oDesk, and I made the visual proposal for a good understanding of the issue

Magazine Layout Design Test

Magazine Layout design

Designed my first magazine layout for a test purpose DOWNLOAD THE PDF (193 KB)

Certificate Design for CDTL HR Consultancy

Certificate Design

It’s my first and only Certificate design for CDTL HR Consultancy

Visiting card design for Ariyan Holidays

Visiting Card Design

Visiting card was designed for Ariyan Holidays

Logo design attempt for TechnoFlame

Logo Design for TechnoFlame

Another logo design attempt for TechnoFlame

Page 1: Brochure design for Digitech Intl.

Brochure design

It’s my first brochure design for Digitech International

BPL test layout by Mayeenul Islam

Test Layout for BPL

Test layout designed for Bangladesh Premier League, but failed to proceed because another firm got the contract

Asian Fair test layout design by Mayeenul Islam

Test layout for Asian Fair USA

The layout was designed for Asian Fair USA, but the contract was undone because of contractual failure